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At Sproutlings Occupational Therapy we use individualised, neurodiverse affirming, evidence based strategies, to encourage children and assist parents/care givers to support their little people in their developmental journey.

Sproutlings Occupational Therapy

Mobile Service Across The Sunshine Coast

At Sproutlings Occupational Therapy, we focus on supporting children from birth to 12 years to develop their skills to engage and participate in what they want to do and what is important to them. These ‘occupations’ may include self-care, play and schooling.
We work with children and their families to enable to children reach their fullest potential.

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Our expertise for supporting little people covers a variety of areas

Fine motor skills

Using fingers as they are intended to be used. Manual dexterity, finger isolation, grip strength, handwriting and pencil skills, scissor skills and school readiness.

Gross Motor Skills

Muscle tone, sustaining positions, endurance and stamina, balance, coordination, core strength, motor planning, running, jumping, catching or kicking balls.

Executive functioning

Attention and concentration, self/emotional regulation, organisation and time management skills, managing transitions and/or changes in daily routines, visual perception.

Sensory processing

Sensory modulation, regulating and understanding the sensory information coming into their bodies to enable them to participate and engage.

Self care skills

Sleeping, toileting, dressing, mealtimes, cutlery use, teeth brushing and hair care, daily chores, managing transitions and daily routines.

Social skills

Sharing, physical cues and the use of body language, forming and maintaining friendships, understanding emotions.

Play skills

Playing and interacting with others, turn taking, waiting.

100% mobile, Sunshine Coast based service

Sproutlings Occupational Therapy is a 100% mobile, Sunshine Coast based service. With therapists who love supporting children and their families, in providing a comprehensive, inclusive and fun environment with a focus on enabling children to reach their goals and understand how amazing they are.

Alicia Were

Your Occupational Therapist on the Sunshine Coast

I’m an enthusiastic and passionate paediatric Occupational Therapist, who strongly believes in a family and client centred approach. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and their families to help them to reach their goals. My motto is: Prove them wrong. I love seeing children reach their potential and proving to those who didn’t believe, wrong.

I obtained my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy on the Sunshine Coast and since then, have worked from central Queensland to rural Queensland and back to the Sunshine Coast again. Working across a number of professional sectors, including; Not-for-profit and Queensland Health (Community, Hospital and Disability).

I have extensive experience working with children with a range of conditions and needs …

Funding Options


Eligible participants of the NDIS are able to access individualised occupational therapy supports through Sproutlings Occupational TherapyCurrently we are only accepting NDIS plans that are self-managed or plan-managed.

For more information on the NDIS:

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Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP)

A chronic disease management (formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan) plan is a referral given by your general practitioner (GP) and enables the eligible person to access up to five (5) allied health sessions per calendar year.

The type of allied health professional and number of sessions is at the discretion of your GP.

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Private Health Funding

If you are paying for assessment or therapy services privately you may be eligible for a rebate from your Private Health fund, depending on your type of cover. Sproutlings Occupational Therapy recommends that you check with your health fund for further information to see if you are eligible for a rebate and how to make a claim.